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Kronos Press was founded in March 1975 simultaneous with the creation of the journal Kronos whose Editor-in-Chief was Lewis M. Greenberg.

Initially, the express purpose of Kronos Press was to publish the said journal with the intention of expanding its publishing horizon as the situation warranted. This occurred rather quickly.

In 1976, Kronos Press published The Morality of nuclear Planning? by Horace Dudley as well as The Age of Velikovsky by C.J. Ransom.

These two books were followed by the publication of Velikovsky and Establishment Science in 1977, plus Scientists Confront Scientists Who Confront Velikovsky in 1978. Both were special issues of the journal KRONOS.

The hard cover Index to the Works of Immanuel Velikovsky by Alice Miller also came out at about the same time.

In 1978, Kronos Press also published the hard cover book Evolution: Reconciling the Controversy by John Hadd.

In 1980, Kronos Press created a series of spiral bound soft cover publications titled the Omega Monograph Series. Titles included Velikovsky , A Personal View by Frederic Jueneman; The Sibylline Starwar and Phaethon by Franz Xaver Kugler (translated by Guenter Koehler); and Chronology by Alice Miller.

These were followed by a special issue of Kronos (VII:4) - Evolution, Extinction and Catastrophism - published in 1982.

Of the above publications, only Velikovsky and Establishment Science, Scientists Confront Scientists Who Confront Velikovsky, and Index to the Works of Immanuel Velikovsky remain in print.

After a lengthy hiatus, Kronos Press resumed publication with the creation of The Osiris Series under the general editorship of Dwardu Cardona. All in hard cover, the series began in 1997 with the publication of The Reign Of The Swastika - fully illustrated - by Lewis M. Greenberg.

In 1999, Sun, Moon, and Sothis by Lynn E. Rose was published.

In 2000, Predicting The Past - fully illustrated - by Roger W. Wescott was published.

The Osiris Series will continue to expand accordingly.

Discounts are available on purchases of 10 copies or more (any mix may apply).

Kronos Press is willing to consider manuscripts for publication and would be open to questions and suggestions.

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Books in Print

Previous Publications (Out of Print)

  • The Morality of nuclear Planning?
    By Horace C. Dudley Professor of Radiation Physics University of Illinois Medical Center Chicago. Published 1976. Soft cover only; 128 pages. Indexed
    ISBN: 0-917994-00-0
    First publication of The Center for Velikovskian and Interdisciplinary Studies (founded in 1975 as an affiliate of the Department of History at Glassboro State College. Director of Center: Dr. Robert H. Hewson, Professor of History. The center is no longer in existence).

  • The Age of Velikovsky
    by C. J. Ransom. 1976.
    ISBN: 0-917994-01-9.

  • Evolution: Reconciling the Controversy
    By John R. Hadd. 96 pages, hard cover only.
    ISBN: 0-917994-05-1

  • Omega Monograph Series

    • No. 1: Chronology
      By Alice Miller, 1980. 28 pages $8.95.
      ISBN: 0-917994-09-4.
      A parallel account of Egyptian and Israelite histories in the light of Velikovsky's reconstruction.

    • No. 2: The Sibylline Starwar and Phaethon In the Light of Natural History
      by Franz Xaver Kugler (1927)
      Translation by Guenter Koehler (1979) 52 pages $12.00.
      ISBN: 0-917994-08-6.
      The pivotal idea in Kugler's book is that the myth of Phaethon, one of the best known Greek myths, was based on an actual physical occurrence dated around 1500 B.C.

    • No. 3: Velikovsky , A Personal View
      By Frederic Jueneman, 1975. 78 pages $12.00.
      One of a collection of papers presented to Velikovsky on the 25th Anniversary of Worlds in Collision. Interesting sidelights of the AAAS Meeting in California, 1974 with insights into the personality of Velikovsky, the man.

    • No. 4 The Future of Catastrophist Studies
      By Roger Wescott, May 1980. Keynote address, Princeton seminar. Cassette $10.00.

  • Evolution, Extinction and Catastrophism
    by L.M. Greenberg (Editor), ISBN: 0-917994-12-4
    A special issue of the Journal Kronos Vol. VII, No. 4 (July 1982)