Let There Be Darkness: The Reign Of The Swastika

Let There Be Darkness:
The Reign Of The Swastika


  • Prologue
  • The Mound of Hissarlik
  • Germany and Troy
  • The Legacy of Troy
  • Aeneas, Augustus, and Adolf
  • 1889
  • The Reign of the Swastika
  • The Celestial Swastika
  • Epilogue
  • References
  • Index.

Coins from Knossos showing a star-like, or sun-like, rosette in the center of the swastika.

Let There Be Darkness:
The Reign Of The Swastika

By Professor Lewis Greenberg

Hard cover, 108 pages, fully illustrated. ISBN 0-917994-14-0

Completely new - not to be confused with "Let There Be Darkness: An Archetypal Analysis of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich" which was published in AEON IV:3.

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Let There Be Darkness:
The Reign Of The Swastika.

By Professor Lewis Greenberg

A new series of books
sponsored by Cosmos & Chronos
Volume I now available

A handsome book, edited and formatted by Dwardu Cardona under the auspices of Cosmos and Chronos, this work by Professor Lewis Greenberg traces the history of the swastika, from the archaeological strata of Hissarlik (Troy), the artifacts of the Indus Valley civilization, Greece, Rome, and elsewhere in the ancient world, down to its use in Jewish synagogues. It sheds insight on its occultist use by various secret societies and its eventual infiltration into Hitler¹s Nazi regime. It also includes an important section on the origin of the emblem as a primeval celestial apparition and its association with the Saturnian configuration. A work of art, erudition, and original insights - a must.

"The exposition and writing [of this book] are clear and orderly, and the documentation is massive and convincing. The subject matter itself is extremely important, and has badly needed the in-depth treatment that Lewis [Greenberg] has been able to provide Velikovsky wrote relatively little about the Holocaust, Hitler, or the Nazi period in general. He was never quite prepared to apply his own theories to such material in the thorough-going way that was needed; indeed, he may never have realized just how relevant his theories were here For many years, Lewis has been in the forefront of applying to these neglected materials the very theories that many of us profess. This has often meant bringing together evidence heretofore scattered over many centuries and many fields. Furthermore, it has meant understanding the significance of that evidence, and even understanding why something or other is evidence [This book] is a rich blending of history, myth, symbolism, psychology, and much else. Even Saturn and the golden age!"

Lynn E. Rose
Professor Emeritus

"[Lewis Greenberg] might become a power hitter among the Saturnians."

Walter Radtke

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