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Index to the Works of Immanuel Velikovsky

by Alice Miller

278 pages. $30.00. 1977. ISBN: 0-917994-07-8.
Published by Kronos Press

Foreword by Immanuel Velikovsky

Mrs. Alice Miller, unknown to me, worked for over six years on the composition of this Index. In December of 1970 she wrote me a letter expressing her appreciation of my work and her desire to be of assistance, vaguely mentioning her ability to work on indexing. I am not certain that I have answered her letter, since through the years 1 was unable to reply to every one of my readers-correspondents.

Then, a few months ago, I was surprised by the arrival of a large envelope, containing the 278-page Index. I was unaware that through all the six intervening years Mrs. Miller labored on the project she had faintly indicated in her letter of 1970. It came at a time when I discussed with a few of my close collaborators the necessity of a work of preparation of an "Index of Deviations" (or "Innovations") that would serve as a guide to those who would undertake the ambitious project of preparing material for a thorough overhaul of the existing encyclopedias and textbooks in numerous fields touched upon by the heresy born in the first years of World War II and brought to the attention of the scholarly world and of the literati (the reading and thinking public) between 1950 and 1960.

Today the heresy of that decade is occasionally found as accepted truth in conventional texts, but usually without a reference to the iconoclast who first offered it - and did so not in a piecemeal way, but in the course of a reconstruction of events in nature and history not of grey antiquity, but of the times when man could record the events and did so in many languages; actually all the ancient civilizations left records of the same events, as did also nature in records of bones and stones.

The oneness of these great fields, of natural and cultural histories, came to light, and so to the consciousness of the readers. In this process many an enshrined law proved to be only an assumption - and often a wrong assumption at that: and what was considered as ancient history down to Hellenistic times showed itself to be but a web of baseless speculations.

The work of Alice Miller will be of inestimable value to researchers in various topics dealt with in my published books and articles, and, as I just said, is already preparing the way for the summation of that achieved synthesis - by itself only a beginning of a new world view.

13 June 1977
Immanuel Velikovsky

Index includes:

  • Ages In Chaos
  • Earth In Upheaval, Including supplement - Forum Address
  • Harpers Magazine, June 1951
    • Answer to My Critics, pages 51-57
    • Answer to Professor Stewart, pages 63-66
  • Oedipus And Akhnaton
  • Pensee, First Issue
    • Are the Moon's Scars Only 3000 Years Old? page 14
    • When Was the Lunar Surface Last Molten-, pages 19-21
    • On Decoding Hawkins' Stonehenge Decoded, pages 25. 27-28, 50
    • Is Venus' Heat Decreasing? page 51
  • Pensee, Second Issue
    • Straka; Science or Anti-Science? page 16
    • H. H. Hess and My Memoranda. pages 22-29
  • Pensee, Third Issue
    • The Orientation of the Pyramids, page 17
    • Earth without a Moon, page 25
    • The Lion Gate at Mycenae, page 31
  • Pensee, Fourth Issue
    • The Pitfalls of Radiocarbon Dating, pages 12-14, 50
    • Astronomy and Chronology, pages 38-40, 42-49
    • Chart Covering the Period Discussed in Ages In Chaos, Volume One, page 41
  • Pensee Fifth Issue
    • Metallurgy and Chronology, pages 5-9
    • The Velocity of Light In Relation to Moving Bodies, pages 16-19
    • A Missed Opportunity? page 19
    • (Eclipses in Ancient Times, from the original in Harpers Magazine)
  • Pensee, Sixth Issue
    • Ash, pages 5-18
    • Venus and Hydrocarbons, pages 21-23
    • Venus' Atmosphere, pages 31-37
    • Reply to Stiebing, pages 38-42
    • Scarabs, pages 42-45
    • Tiryns, pages 45-46
  • Pensee, Seventh Issue
    • My Challenge to Conventional Views In Science. pages 10-14
    • The Atom and oil, page 51
  • Pensee, Tenth Issue
    • The Scandal of Enkomi, pages 21-23
    • A Concluding Report, pages 26, 49
  • Theses For the Reconstruction of Ancient History, Published 1945
  • The Velikovsky Affair, edited by Alfred de Grazia VA Additional Examples of Correct Prognosis. pages 232-45
  • Worlds In Collision WC
  • Yale Scientific, April 1967 Yale
    • Venus - A Youthful Planet, pages -11, 32
    • A Rejoinder to Motz, paps 14-16
    • A Rejoinder to Burgstahler and Angino, pages 20-22; this excludes 'On Decoding Hawkins' Stonehenge Decoded', Indexed from Pensee, First Issue and 'The Orientation of the Pyramids', indexed from Pensee, Third Issue.

    All hardbound editions of 'Ages In Chaos' and 'Oedipus and Akhnaton' appear to be exactly the same, nor was a printing number found In the volumes Used.

    The Delta Book Editions of 'Earth In Upheaval' and 'Worlds in Collision' were used, these appear to be exactly the same as the hardbound editions.

    This Index CAN NOT be used with the ABACUS editions of 'Ages In Chaos', 'Earth In Upheaval' and 'Worlds In Collision', as the page layout is NOT the same for those editions. Nor will it apply to the 1977 Pocket Book edition of 'Worlds In Collision'.

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